Foster McLane
Information Security Analyst


I am a computer enthusiast and enjoy almost everything to do with computers, from low-level logic circuits to high-level programming. I am especially interested in embedded programming, operation systems, program security, network security, and network protocols. In addition to my computer enthusiasm, I have a large interest in high school level education in computational thinking.

Work Experience

Information Security Analyst
Under the Office of Information Security and Privacy, I am a full-time analyst of Clemson's computer network for identifying potential cyber security threats, mitigating current threats, and preventing current threats from happening in the future.
FoosterNET, LLC
November 2013 – Present
FoosterNET, LLC is a company I use for freelance work in cyber security consulting, system administration, and computer programming. It additionally sanctions all other services I provide for money including server hosting.
Clemson University
January 2017 – December 2017
Cybersecurity Intern
Under the Office of Information Security and Privacy, I was a part-time analyst of Clemson's computer network for identifying potential cyber security threats, mitigating current threats, and preventing current threats from happening in the future.
Clemson University
January 2017 – May 2017
Virtual Reality Intern
Under Dr. Stephen Moysey, I worked to bring virtual reality to the university in a variety of ways including setting up VR systems, coordinating generally available VR equipment for students and faculty, and creating demos for VR.
Clemson University
January 2016 – December 2016
Virtual Reality Game Development Intern
Under Dr. Stephen Moysey, I researched teaching applications of geological sciences field techniques in a virtual reality video game. The game, titled Virtual Reality Field Experiences, features a trip to the Grand Canyon where the gamer learns rock identification techniques and builds the stratigraphic column of the canyon.
Clemson University
January 2015 – May 2016
Undergraduate Student Researcher in UAV and Manufacuring Robotics
Under Dr. Yue Wang, I researched quadrotor control algorithms and trust aware manufacturing in the Interdisciplinary Intelligence Research Lab, or I²R Lab.


  • January 2019

    Global Information Assurance Certification

    GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst

    The certification signifies a demonstrated knowledge of intrusion detection techniques as an information security analyst.

  • April 2014

    SC Junior Academy of Science

    Outstanding Research and Presentation

    Awards: 1st Oral Presentation - Computer Science, 1st Written Presentation - Computer Science. The awards included an invitation to the American Junior Academy of Science.


GIAC Advisory Board
January 2019 – Present
After completing my GCIA certification from GIAC, I've been invited to the GIAC Advisory Board which takes an active role in the GIAC program and in SANS training.
FRC - Metal in Motion 343
December 2018 – Present
After having several years volunteering with FIRST as a mentor and Field Technical Advisor (FTA), I mentor the nearby Oconee team, Metal in Motion.
After having three years of experience of participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition, or FTC, including one year of which I was team captain and made it to the super regional competition, I mentor the nearby Easley team, Starbots.
SC Robotics Education Foundation
January 2015 – Present
Field Technical Advisor and Field Inspector
After three years of experience of participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition, I volunteer to run the scrimmage hosted by the SC GSSM and am the main technical coordinator for the state competition.
Gentoo Overlay - fkmclane
May 2013 – Present
I have a recognized overlay for my distribution of choice for my workstation, Gentoo. I maintain over 150 packages in this overlay that range from little X11 tools to the Unity Editor, from the game engine, for Linux to all of the Linux software associated with Plex. Additionally I have a few of my own tools that I wrote such as one to manage tty sessions intelligently without having a display manager.
CU Cyber
August 2015 – April 2018
Level 5 Tech Support
CU Cyber is the cyber security club at Clemson University. We participate in cyber defense competitions and hold weekly seminars involving cyber security. I was the secretary and then Level 5 Tech Support of CU Cyber where I maintained club organization, club preparation, and various technological aspects. I additionally helped create many of the weekly seminars given.
CU Rocket Engineering
January 2017 – August 2018
Lead Avionics
As lead avionics, I coordinated the team that created the electronic internals of the rockets we flew at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition. I did a lot of the design work and kept the team productive.
Clemson ACM
September 2014 – January 2017
ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is the world's largest society for scientific and educational computing. I was the webmaster of Clemson University's local chapter where I created and maintained their website.


423 Lindsay Rd. Apt. 404
Clemson, SC 29631 US


  • 2014 2019

    Clemson University

    Bachelor of Science

    Computer Science, with an interest in Education, Math, and Langauge

    • Algorithms
    • Software Engineering
    • Operating Systems
    • Network Programming
    • Principles of Programming Languages
    • Computer Security Principles
    • Special Topics in Embedded Computing
    • Foundations of Computer Science
    • Distributed and Cluster Computing
    • 2D Game Engine Construction
    • Virtual Reality Systems
  • 2012 2014

    SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics

    High School

    Computer Science

    • Advanced Computer Science
    • Digital Logic
    • Modern Physics


Programming Master
C C++ C# Python JavaScript Java PHP
Unix Administration Master
Website Deployment Virtual Machines Networking General Services RedHat Enterprise Linux Ubuntu Arch Linux Gentoo Linux Debian FreeBSD
Network Security Proficient
Cisco Palo Alto pfSense Endian UniFi
Virtualization Proficient
libvirt oVirt Stateless Hypervisors PXE
Software Development Proficient
REST Robot Operating System GTK+
Game Development Learning
Unity 3D Pyglet
Web Development Proficient
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Semantic UI PHP Python Django
Computer Graphics Learning
Blender GIMP Inkscape
Text Editing Master
Neovim Vim Vi
Documentation Proficient
LaTeX Markdown VimWiki


Trust-Based Mixed-Initiative Teleoperation of Mobile Robots
American Control Conference
06 July 2016

Trust-Based Mixed-Initiative Teleoperation of Mobile Robots is a scheme for the bilateral teleoperation of mobile robotic systems using a quadrotor, ground robot, and a haptic feedback device. In the scheme, control is shared between human and autonomous controllers with the human controller having force feedback cues. Two-way trust models are calculated to dynamically scale each control input for optimal performance and reduced physical workload of the human operator. The results indicate that the proposed scheme improves task performance by 31% and reduces the operator workload by 23.9%.

Vision-Based Control of a Quadrotor
01 February 2014

Vision-Based Control of a Quadrotor uses a quadrotor and its two mounted cameras to have the quadrotor perform basic analysis of its environment and make decisions based on it. It includes basic applications for following a marked path or object and an extensible interface for writing more complex autonomous logic.